An Invitation - Old Rectory Cottage Retreat House and House of Prayer

25th May 2016

An Invitation
Part of our vision here at Old Rectory Cottage Retreat House and House of Prayer is a commitment to Prayer.
Each Thursday at 8pm we meet to pray for the Retreat House, for people who have been here, for those who are coming, but most importantly for the community in which we are placed – Feckenham – a community important to us all and for which we need to pray to bring in God’s Kingdom. Our vision has always been one of Blessing – God blesses us, God blesses others through what he has given us and we share with others, but most importantly God’s desire is to bless all people.
We have recently come across a booklet called “Keep Blessing your Community” – this fits our vision exactly and is a guide to pray for your community for 40 days to help change the spiritual atmosphere within that community. On 1st June we will launch into 40 days of prayer for Feckenham as set out in the booklet and we would like to invite you to join us in Praying and Blessing Feckenham. We are not suggesting a meeting every day for prayer but asking for a commitment from you to pray each day for 40 days for Feckenham – the material in the booklet will only take up a few minutes each day but could really affect, for the good, the community of which we are a part.
Please join us in these 40 days and if possible meet with us at Old Rectory Cottage at 8pm on the Thursdays during this period to unite our prayers and blessings over Feckenham.
We pray that all who join us will be blessed by God and that God will richly bless our community. James & Sue
Booklets are available from Sue, 01527894894, 07825030607
Thursday 8pm Prayer 2nd June, 9th June, 16th June, 23rd June, 30th June, 7th July.
Rev Sue Barrett

Old Rectory Cottage Retreat House & House of Prayer
Associate Priest 
Bowbrook North and South, Stoke Prior, Wychbold & Upton Warren